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You may wish to skip the waffle and go straight to the ordering section, but please check whether there's a stock shortage here and that you are ordering with the appropriate dispatch priority here.

Old Jake's Gravy Saviour is gravy salt for "proper gravy", as good as Granny's, and widely praised as a very good replacement for Burdall's Next Generation Gravy Block, which was manufactured until December, 2000 by Space Foods Ltd in the same village: Wymondham in Leicestershire, England.  In fact, particularly with the Stronger Stuff version, long-term users are saying Old Jake's is their all-time favourite!  Old Jake's has been in production longer than any other currently available gravy salt.  Ordering details are further down the page, as are the online ordering options.

Engraving of a plump gentleman about to tuck in, 
watched by dog [repast.gif 300x280 18.6kB] Old Jake's products are made with sea salt and, having the consistency of dark brown sugar, they are easier to use than gravy salt pressed into a block.  The new versions of the old favourite are packed in a 250g plastic tub and will yield over 30 one-pint servings if made up as recommended.  (It's better not to add salt to the cooking water for vegetables, if you intend using it as the basis for gravy.)
The caramel colouring in the gravy salt simply browns the juices or liquid and adds aroma and flavour without recourse to the flavour "enhancers" which give a "factory made" flavour to so many foods.  With their origins in Victorian times, the products are nevertheless suitable for 21st-century vegetarians and will add that long-remembered touch to many savoury dishes.
The Stronger Stuff contains 50 per cent more caramel, for those who want a bit more oomph or a lower-salt alternative.  2/3 tsp of Stronger Stuff has the same caramel strength as 1 tsp of Gravy Saviour, but 1/3 tsp less salt.  You can use less and save money!  Some customers were under the misapprehension that the name for Stronger Stuff must mean the product is more salty:  it isn't!
As Gravy Saviour and Stronger Stuff don't intentionally contain flour or cornflour, any thickening of the gravy is left to the chef.  Some users reserve a portion of their Yorkshire pudding batter for this purpose.
The products are labelled as having a two year shelf-life, but will keep practically indefinitely.  Please use a round-ended knife or a spoon to divide up the gravy salt every now and then, and remember to snap the lid back in place.  When you've finished your pack the tub is suitable for use in a microwave, or to house a small child's collection of "things which could be lost if not put somewhere safe".  Some users donate their empty tubs to local primary schools.

For great gravy (which just happens to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans), as the first step in your meal preparations sweat a "mirepoix" of finely chopped carrot, onion and celery in a dash of oil with a little water in a covered pan, until soft.  Stir in some flour to make a roux, and cook through.  Add some Old Jake's gravy salt and other flavourings, such as redcurrant jelly, mustard and port wine.  Add unsalted vegetable cooking water:  one pint per person would leave half or more left over, to use as the basis for soup.  Bring to a simmer over medium heat.  Job done!  With a deep enough pot you can steam vegetables over the gravy, but the main thing to remember for meals without a slow-roasted joint or bird, is to allow sufficient time, so start making the gravy first – and use Old Jake's, of course!

Allergy advice:  the products are mixed in a bakery, so may contain traces of gluten-containing flours (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt), nuts, peanuts, and soya.  I am confident that any flour contamination is below the Coeliac UK guidelines and the levels of contamination from other allergens are even lower, but if you are in any doubt about using the products due to dietary restrictions, please err on the side of caution.  The products contain no meat extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Update, 5th July, 2019:  Many thanks to customers old and new for your part in helping to keep these niche "heritage" products available, both of which are currently in good supply.  Mail-order and online ordering details are further down the page.
My posting days are usually Monday and Thursday.  For Special Delivery orders dispatched on days other than Monday and Thursday I surcharge £4.50 to cover travel to the post office in town.  The prices aren't listed below, so please contact me in good time:  jake@oldjake.co.uk or 01572 787 676 (leaving a message, if necessary).
My General Data Protection Regulation Policy is available here.
Posted orders:  I would be grateful if customers who ordered between 23rd July and 11th September 2017 could contact me before placing their next order.  Please make cheques payable to Old Jake (not Jake Young, or Old Jake's), using black or blue ink, with the amount witten in full on the left, including the pence (e.g. "Sixteen pounds and ninety-five pence" rather than "Sixteen pounds 95p".)  Cheques that are not payable to Old Jake will not be presented, leading to a delay in dispatching your order.  Please do not fold, staple, pin or tape your cheque, nor offer live poultry.  Supplying your landline number and/or email address will help with any query about your order.  Due to additional cost, if you have only provided a postal address or mobile number, you will not be contacted should there be a problem with your order.  The personal information (i.e. contact details) you provide will only be shared with other organisations (e.g. delivery services) for the purposes of processing your order.
Shop outlets:  The most recent deliveries are listed below.  Clicking on the links will take you further down the page for opening hours and contact details and links to the shop websites, where available.  There should be a saving over the mail-order prices for shop customers, so please spread the word and ask your favourite butcher, grocer, village shop, deli etc. to stock Old Jake's!
    Bennett's Butchers of Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire;
    Beresford Quality Meats in Liscard, Cheshire;
    Mountain's Boston Sausage Shop in Boston, Lincolnshire;
    J E Benson & Son Ltd. of Barton-on-Humber, North Lincolnshire;
    Knapp's Family Butchers of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire;
    Derek Jones Butchers of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire;
    Ian Bottrill of Hornsea, East Yorkshire;
    Newell's of Brigg, North Lincolnshire;
    Howell's Superstores of Binham, Nr Fakenham, Norfolk.
    Coddenham Food Store Ltd. of Coddenham, near Ipswich, Suffolk;
    Annie's Fruit Bowl of Howden, East Yorkshire;
    Moor Farm Shop on Decoy Road, north of Peterborough;

There follows what may appear to be a surfeit of information on how to order and the service level you may expect for your payment.  Any queries I've received in the past should be covered, below.  For most customers it boils down to three aspects:
   The more you order, the more you save.
   Allow more time for delivery for the lowest prices, or pay more if you require your order more urgently.
   This is a one man band so there'll be times when I ask you to bear with me: these should be signalled above.

Prices:  Including postage and packing to UK addresses, per single 250g tub -
Old Jake's Gravy Saviour:  £7.85 second class; £8.65 first class; £9.15 expedited; £13.65 next day.
Old Jake's Stronger Stuff:  £8.60 second class; £9.40 first class; £9.90 expedited; £14.40 next day.
For two 250g tubs, including postage and packing to a UK address -
Old Jake's Gravy Saviour:  £12.40 second class; £13.50 first class; £14.50 expedited; £20.70 next day.
Old Jake's Stronger Stuff:  £13.90 second class; £15.00 first class; £16.00 expedited; £22.20 next day.
For one tub each of Gravy Saviour and Stronger Stuff sent to a UK address -
£13.15 second class; £14.25 first class; £15.25 expedited; £20.45 next day.
For greater quantites (with lower prices per item), please use the prices stated below, for online ordering (including international orders) or, for UK orders only, print an order form (PDF version).  There's also a simple plain text order form which should fit on a single sheet of A4 paper if you choose to print it straight from your web-browser, with text size set to smallest (from the View, Text Size menu option for users of Internet Explorer) and with margins set to 20mm or less, but without a Header or Footer.  Recent versions of web-browsers should allow you to "shrink to fit", if necessary, in the Print Preview dialogue.  If opening the file in wordprocessor software, the text will align correctly if you select it all and change to a fixed width font such as Courier New.  If all that sounds too complicated, then the PDF version is your best option, provided you have a copy of Adobe Reader, which you most likely do, but if not then the Cool PDF Reader software (for Windows) is also free but, at less than 1MB, a much smaller download.

Prices are reviewed in March each year, but may be subject to change in the meantime, so please don't rely on an outdated order form you may have saved at an earlier date.  Contact details are printed on the product labels and the current mail-order prices are stated on this webpage; information found elsewhere may be inaccurate or out of date.  You should be able to make a saving by buying in person from the stockists listed towards the foot of this page.

Please check the Posting Schedule below, and then make your payment payable to Old Jake and send your cheque or postal order, unfolded and with no staples or pins, with a note or order form and legibly written address(es) for delivery to:

Jake Young
53 Main Street
LE14 2AG

I am not set up to take card payments over the 'phone, and nor do I sell from the door at the address above.  Customers not wishing to send a cheque or use PayPal may make their payment by bank transfer – please 'phone 01572 787 676 or email for the details.  Please provide a landline, rather than mobile number if expecting a reply from me.  You may prefer a mobile number to be provided to the carrier, if ordering larger quantities.  Due to the amount of nuisance calls, please leave a message or try calling on another day and/or at another time, should you receive no reply (unless you're a nuisance caller!).

For posted orders it helps speed things if you also send an email with your name and address, number of tubs ordered, delivery option and amount of payment to:  jake@oldjake.co.uk.  Then I can simply copy-&-paste your address into my label-printing program and have your order ready for dispatch.  To make it simple for all concerned, please do not indent the address or place it all on one line.  A contact telephone number is also helpful to have (occasionally orders are received with an illegible address).  None of your details will be provided to third parties for marketing purposes.

Royal Mail will not compensate for lost or delayed deliveries if the address is incorrect, so please check, by entering your post code after clicking on the Find an address tab (opens in a new window).

Orders with incorrect addresses may be refused as it can take 15 minutes or much longer to confirm an address from the details provided.  With posted orders, if a contact number or email address has been provided, I'll try to contact you (I'm afraid I cannot reply by postal mail, and that includes inquiries sent without a stamped, self-addressed envelope).  If you do not receive an acknowledgement email for your reply to an address query within 24 hours, please assume your email hasn't arrived and 'phone me (01572 787 676) with the required information.  Dispatch of orders with invalid addresses may be delayed, with the date of receipt of the valid address used to schedule dispatch of the order.

Payments by cheque, postal order or banker's draft:  Please double-check the value of your order, as an underpayment will delay dispatch as the date of receipt of the correct payment is used to schedule dispatch.  This is fairest to all customers.  I'll try to contact you if there's an underpayment, if a landline contact number or email address has been provided.  Otherwise, I'll await your contact or downgrade first class and higher priority orders to second class and dispatch with a partial refund.  Due to the costs of processing cheques, please send a single replacement cheque for the whole order value – the original will be destroyed or, if requested, returned with your order.  If you are unsure of any aspect, please email or 'phone 01572 787 676 and ask.  Failing that, send ample payment, and any excess will be refunded.  All payments payable to Old Jake, please, and sent unfolded, without staples or pins.  Please write the total amount of your payment in words in the left-hand space, as there have been occasions when Bank staff have misread handwritten figures.  Thank you, but it's no favour to have cheques made payable to Jake Young and they will be refused.  Cheques written in red ink won't be processed, so you'll have a delay and the expense of sending a replacement, which should be written in black or blue ink.

Posting Schedule:  Please consult the table below for when your order should be dispatched, under normal conditions.  Most second class orders are dispatched on Thursdays.  Please get in touch in good time if you require an urgent Next Day delivery or delivery on a Saturday (at additional charge) or any other particular day.  Ordering Next Day after noon on a Thursday would usually mean a delivery on the following Monday.  Please bear in mind that I may be out, and therefore unable to send an urgent order.

Class of delivery Day payment is received (by noon for Next Day and Expedited)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Next Day & Expedited Day of dispatch: Monday Thursday Thursday Thursday Monday Monday Monday
First Class Day of dispatch: Thursday Monday Monday Monday Thursday Thursday Thursday
Second Class Day of dispatch: Thursday Monday Monday Monday Thursday Thursday Thursday
Please note:  First and Second Class orders are usually dispatched between three and six days after payment is received. 

Delivery:  At peak times (Autumn/Winter) especially, please allow 28 days for delivery apart from next day, expedited and international orders, which are placed ahead of any current standard first and second class orders, for dispatch as soon as possible (subject to stock being available and bearing in mind that I can usually only post on Mondays and Thursdays).  Any problems with production or dispatch (unless I should be very unwell, or my PC has given up the ghost) will be noted in the highlighted section above.  Orders for one or two tubs are the thinnest packages (65mm or 2½ inches thick), but probably too thick to go through many letter flaps.  Orders for several tubs are usually sent at the same time but may be split into packages of two or three tubs, with an indication of the total number of packages in the consignment on the address labels.  It's possible for such orders to arrive over the course of a few days, even though they were dispatched at the same time.  If Royal Mail cannot deliver to you, a card should be left and the package will be held at the sorting office for 18 days.  If it is not collected and so then returned to me, the same package cannot be re-sent and so no refund or free replacement can be given.  The current charge for re-sending one to three items with second class P&P is £4.95 so if you know you are going to be away, please arrange for your order to be delivered elsewhere or at a later date.  Claims for loss or delay can only be processed if full and correct address details have been supplied at the time of ordering.  Please allow 28 days after you have received confirmation of dispatch before considering UK orders other than those with next day delivery to have been lost in the mail.  You are welcome to re-order at any time and assistance will be given for your claim against Royal Mail for loss or delay.  Please order with the next day option if a delivery is of vital importance to you.  If your order arrives in a damaged condition, please retain all the items, including packaging and a note of the delivery date, and let me know as soon as possible, providing photos of the package by email.  The customer is expected to make their own claim against Royal Mail for loss, damage or delay of their order.

Cancelled orders:  the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 allow you to cancel your order.  Should you wish to cancel, please inform me by email or by letter within two weeks of receipt of your order.  Please return the item(s), which must still be in unopened and good saleable condition, at your own expense using Royal Mail's Signed For Small Parcel service, which costs £4.00 for most orders, sent 2nd Class.  A refund will then be issued, or your payment cancelled.

Online ordering:  UK customers may make their purchase by credit or debit card or bank transfer using PayPal.  Non-UK customers, please see below.

PayPal should allow you to order with minimal fuss, and PayPal membership is well worth having for convenient and secure payments to online sellers, eBay auctions, and for your further purchases of Old Jake's Gravy Saviour!  Be sure to remember which email address you've used to open the account, so you can be sent a password reminder if necessary.  Just occasionally customers inform me of a problem using PayPal, so reports of how these issues were resolved would be appreciated.  If your first card isn't accepted, it's best to try again in a few hours, rather than try another card there and then.  If you still have a problem, you should delete the account you've attempted to set up, and start afresh.

Of utmost importance is provision of a valid delivery address.  Royal Mail will not compensate for lost or delayed deliveries if the address is incorrect, so please check, by entering your post code after clicking on the Find an address tab (opens in a new window).  Please also correctly capitalize your name and address when entering them on the PayPal page (or take a moment to amend them: you don't know how grateful all online sellers would be!).  Guidance on how to correctly format your address is available from Royal Mail (opens in a new window).  Unrecognized addresses will be notified to the purchaser, and dispatch will be delayed, with the date of receipt of the valid address used to schedule dispatch of the order.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement email for your reply to an address query within 24 hours, please assume your email hasn't arrived and 'phone me (01572 787 676) with the required information.

Due to the quirks of PayPal, if your address was not correctly formatted when the account was registered, I believe I'm correct in stating that you need to set up an additional or Gift Address.  Having clicked on a price button below for your order, log-in to your PayPal account, then click on Change above your name and address.  Now (most important!) enter a variation of your name e.g. using your initials or adding the salutation (Mr or Mrs etc.), and PayPal will allow you to save the same address, but with correct capitalization.  (There's no need to enter anything for your county, but please CAPITALIZE your post town or city, having checked that your address is correct at the Royal Mail "Find an address" tool, linked above.

Orders funded by Bank Transfer (an eCheque in PayPal-speak) will be delayed by a week or two for the payment to clear.  Banks quite regularly block such payments, no doubt to counter "phishing" scams.  This will further delay the dispatch of your order.  On the other hand, you're welcome to contact me for details to make payment direct, via Bank Transfer (without using PayPal as intermediary), for speedier dispatch.

"Next Day Delivery" is also available, using Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day by 1p.m., or a courier for 12 or more tubs.  Please see the posting schedule above, for the limitations of the next day service, due to my location and circumstances.  I may be able to take your package into town to post, ahead of my posting schedule, but in any event, if the delivery is of particular importance to you please contact me (jake@oldjake.co.uk or 01572 787 676) before ordering, as I may be away.  Special Delivery packages need to be signed for, when delivered.  Saturday delivery; delivery by 9a.m.; and consequential loss insurance are available by special request, at additional cost.  To avoid having to wait in for your parcel, you may prefer having it delivered to a collection point:  these are usually convenience stores with extended opening hours.  As of January 2017, PayPal have withdrawn the option of adding a note when placing an order, so please email or 'phone to discuss any requirements and to provide your contact number, which is necessary for courier delivery of larger orders.

Non-expedited orders are placed in a queue and at peak times you should allow 28 days for delivery.  Even this cannot be guaranteed, but any problems with production or dispatch (unless I should be very unwell or have a computer problem) will be noted in the highlighted section above.  Under normal conditions I dispatch according to my Posting Schedule and you should receive an email notification via PayPal after your order has been posted.  Please allow 28 days after you have received confirmation of dispatch before considering UK orders other than those with next day delivery to have been lost in the mail.

Please note that if paying by credit or debit card, your payment is completed as soon as you have clicked the "Pay Now" button on the PayPal page:  I have not taken payment from your card account (you have offered it), and nor do I have any knowledge of your card account details.  If you change your mind about your order, please get in touch so a refund can be arranged.

To order by credit card, or Switch or Solo debit cards via PayPal, select the number of tubs of the product(s) required and then choose the postage option below.  Clicking the price button will take you to a secure PayPal page for payment processing.  Alternatively, please make contact by email, 'phone or mail with your order and address details if you would prefer to make payment by bank transfer or other means.

  PayPal Acceptance Mark
  Orders to addresses outside the UK where a UK postage option has been selected
will be refunded promptly minus a 1 GBP (one Pound Sterling) processing fee.
Number of Gravy Saviour, 250g x1 x2 x3 x4 x6
Price each, incl 2nd-class UK P&P £7.85 £6.20 £5.75 £5.40 £5.15
Total price, incl 2nd-class UK P&P
Price each, incl 1st-class UK P&P £8.65 £6.75 £6.50 £6.30 £5.95
Total price, incl 1st-class UK P&P
Price each, incl expedited UK P&P £9.15 £7.25 £7.00 £6.80 £6.45
Total price, incl expedited UK P&P
Price each, incl next day UK delivery £13.65 £10.35 £9.50 £8.70 £7.75
Total price, incl next day UK delivery
Price each, airmailed to Europe £11.35 £9.90 £9.65 £8.85 £8.70
Total price, airmailed to Europe
Price each, airmailed beyond Europe £14.95 £12.90 £12.45 £11.55 £11.30
Total price, airmailed beyond Europe

Number of Stronger Stuff, 250g x1 x2 x3 x4 x6
Price each, incl 2nd-class UK P&P £8.60 £6.95 £6.50 £6.15 £5.90
Total price, incl 2nd-class UK P&P
Price each, incl 1st-class UK P&P £9.40 £7.50 £7.25 £7.05 £6.70
Total price, incl 1st-class UK P&P
Price each, incl expedited UK P&P £9.90 £8.00 £7.75 £7.55 £7.20
Total price, incl expedited UK P&P
Price each, incl next day UK delivery £14.40 £11.10 £10.25 £9.45 £8.50
Total price, incl next day UK delivery
Price each, airmailed to Europe £12.10 £10.65 £10.40 £9.60 £9.45
Total price, airmailed to Europe
Price each, airmailed beyond Europe £15.70 £13.65 £13.20 £12.30 £12.05
Total price, airmailed beyond Europe

Gravy Saviour & Stronger Stuff, 250g 1 each 2 each 3 each  
Total price, incl 2nd-class UK P&P
Total price, incl 1st-class UK P&P
Total price, incl expedited UK P&P
Total price, incl next day UK delivery
Total price, airmailed to Europe
Total price, airmailed beyond Europe
  Orders to addresses outside the UK where a UK postage option has been selected
will be refunded promptly minus a 1 GBP (one Pound Sterling) processing fee.

PayPal send me a confirmation email on completion of your payment, so please disregard the request above, to those ordering by post, for your address and order details, unless you particularly want to let me know about some aspect of your order. 

International orders may be paid for by bank transfer or other means in UK currency only.  The PayPal payment buttons above handle the currency conversion for you and allow payment by credit or debit card.  International orders are treated as expedited, and sent as soon as possible.  Any claim for loss or delay can only be commenced four weeks after dispatch of an order, and is limited to £46.00, so splitting higher value orders would be advised.  Photographic evidence must be supplied for any claim for damage.  Please email:  jake@oldjake.co.uk if you have any queries.
USA customers:  Please be aware that increased security measures in your country are delaying postal deliveries to the States.  At Christmas, delivery times of 18 – 22 days have been reported.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.  Please email:  jake@oldjake.co.uk (or 'phone 01572 787 676) with details of the number of 250g packs you would be interested in.  If you are a personal customer who would like to buy the product locally, please suggest it to the proprietor of your favourite shop.

Stockists:  it's best to check availability before travelling far, but Gravy Saviour and in several cases the Stronger Stuff may be found at the following shops:

Ian Knapp, Family Butcher of Sherrard Street, Melton Mowbray.  Tel. 01664 565 594, closed on Mondays and from 4pm on Wednesdays.
Regular deliveries of Gravy Saviour.
Derek Jones Butchers, 51 King Street, Melton Mowbray.  Tel. 01664 565 328.
Regular deliveries of Gravy Saviour.
Moor Farm Shop, Decoy Road, Peterborough, PE6 7QD.  Tel. 01733 810 229.
Stocking both products.
Beresford Quality Meats at the Cherry Tree Centre in Liscard, Wallasey, Cheshire.
Stocking Gravy Saviour.
J E Benson & Son Ltd., Butchers - Bakers - Delicatessen, 23 King Street, Barton-on-Humber, North Lincolnshire.  Tel. 01652 632 053, open weekdays 6:00am - 5:00pm; 1:00pm Saturday closing.
Regular deliveries of Gravy Saviour.
Newell's Of Brigg, Family Butchers & Delicatessen, 17 Wrawby Street, Brigg, North Lincolnshire.  Tel. 01652 653 111.
Stocking both products.
Bennett's Butchers of Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire.  Tel. 01507 441 434, closed on Monday afternoons during the winter.  Drop by the nearby Sea Breeze Restaurant and ask for a dish made with Old Jake's!
Stocking both products.
Mountain's Boston Sausage Shop, Bridge Foot, 13 High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire.  Tel. 01205 362 167.
Stronger Stuff specialist.
Howell's Superstores, Field Dalling Road, Binham, Nr Fakenham, Norfolk.  Tel. 01328 830 361, closed on Wednesday afternoons, but may be closed every afternoon for the remainder of 2018.
Stocking both products.
Coddenham Food Store Ltd., School Road, Coddenham, Nr Ipswich, Suffolk.  Tel. 01449 760 227, open 7:30am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, and 8:00am - 5:30pm on Saturdays.
Stocking both products.
Chilli & Chives, 16A High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk.  Tel. 01787 249 028.
Stocking both products.  Ask about availability at their Hintlesham and Felixstowe branches.
Annie's Fruit Bowl, 30 Market Place, Howden, East Yorkshire.  Tel. 01430 432 374, open 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday - Saturday.  Greengrocer - Herbs - Spices.
Stocking Gravy Saviour.
I K Bottrill, 36 Cliff Road, Hornsea, East Yorkshire.  Tel. 01964 532 116, open 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Saturday except Wednesday: half-day closing at 1:00pm.
Stocking Gravy Saviour.
Tessa Barnes, The Whins, Forgandenny, Perth, PH2 9ET, Scotland.  Tel. 01738 813 104.  Home-made greetings cards, too.
Stocking both products.  Please contact before visiting, or try at Forgandenny Post Office (half-day Wednesday and Saturday).

Many thanks to East Anglia's Let's Talk! magazine (subscribe here); The Daily Telegraph; The Guardian; and The Dundee Courier for their mentions of the product.

Photo of customer [simon-hughes.jpg, 17.3kB]

Simon Hughes dropped by from
Melbourne, Australia to collect
his consignment of Gravy Saviour
(and advise on how to accomplish
the Tim Tam Slam).

Mr Keith Oldrey writes:

Jake's put the zest back in our dinner.
His gravy salt a certain winner.
On Burdalls we were bred and raised
Meat and two veg - God be praised.
For us a little fat but no cellulite
With Jake's Gravy Salt we'll be alright.
Add some mint sauce and a spoon
Sunday lunch can't come too soon.

Thank you, Keith!

Sending my Gravy Saviour far and wide
To join dishes roasted, boiled or fried
Like Santa, I could use the help of elves
But it's nice to hear from fans like yourselves.
For without you, and others between here and the USA
We wouldn't be enjoying gravy salt today.
To all of you, I raise my gravy boat in salute,
But please:  Don't pour it on your fruit!

Mr Paul White of Illinois, USA writes:
We put some gravy salt with some water in the roast pan and cook the
roast in it.  It makes even a mediocre piece of meat taste super grand,
and makes great gravy.

Thanks, Paul!  And thanks for reminding us that a richer flavour can
result from cooking all the ingredients together from the outset.

Mr C. O. writes:
I grew up with Burdall's gravy block so when my Mum discovered your
Gravy Saviour I was delighted, after some years in the wilderness!
Happily, my girlfriend is now a convert too.

Mrs A. P. affirms:
Definitely the only good gravy salt around.

Mr J. C. writes from Dorset with an old Yorkshire dish for Tomato Bread:
Fry up tomatoes with a little oil till they become mushy and water is
driven out.  Add a little gravy salt and then dip slices of bread in
the mixture.   We've had it all our lives and it deserves publicity.

Mr P. F. writes:
It's just not Christmas without Old Jake's!

Mrs N. C. (customer since 2003) confirms:
Wonderful gravy salt. Best gravy, ever.

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For those who were wondering, there is no connection between Old Jake's gravy salt products and Old Jake Ginger Beer.  What started out as Old Jake Ginger Beer is now, perhaps confusingly, referred to as Old Jake's.  Incidentally, Jake Young (supplier of gravy salt) has been making ginger beer since the age of 11 and far prefers it to any commercial product.
Here's a consumer's opinion of Uncle Roy's Gravy Salt.